Ala Ninnu Cheri Censored with U/A Poster

The much-anticipated family entertainer, "Ala Ninnu Cheri," is set to bring a dose of feel-good love to the silver screen. The film has now received a U/A censor certificate, and fans can rejoice as it's all geared up for a grand release on November 10th. Directed by a promising talent, the movie promises a delightful cinematic experience that blends love and family dynamics.
"Ala Ninnu Cheri" features an ensemble cast, including Dinesh Tej, Hebah Patel, Pooja Kasekar, and more. As it gears up for its release, the film's trailer has already generated buzz and excitement among the audience. With romance, humor, and a heartwarming storyline, "Ala Ninnu Cheri" is poised to be a movie that resonates with viewers and promises to entertain across generations. Be prepared for a delightful cinematic journey when the film hits theaters on November 10th. CLICK HERE TO WATCH TRAILER

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