Annan Adhiradi - LEO Promo Track

Ahimsa Entertainment is set to bring a fresh wave of music and creativity with their latest song, "Annan Adhiradi." The track boasts a dynamic fusion of rap and lyrics by Tha Mystro and MC SAI, complemented by the melodious music production of MJ Melodies. The team has left no stone unturned in ensuring top-notch sound quality, with mixing and mastering by Princeten Charles, live percussion by Karthik Vamsi, and guitars by Siddharth Tanuku. The song's visual presentation is equally impressive, directed by Saanmuu, with Benji as the Director of Photography. Creative Directors Vithurs and Pixel Prodigy have ensured a visually captivating experience, and the editing by Sarun enhances the overall impact. "Annan Adhiradi" is not only a treat for the ears but also a feast for the eyes, with stunning cinematography by Simeon Geyer, meticulous focus pulling by Priyesh, and mesmerizing photography by Je Voiis. The production values have been kept at a premium, with DI and color grading by QLAB, and stylish elements brought to life by Abitha. The song has been a collaborative endeavor, with contributions from various talented individuals, each playing a crucial role in delivering this musical masterpiece.

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