Dipiri Dipiri - Lyrical video from Keedaa Cola

Prepare to groove to the tunes of 'Dipiri Dipiri,' the first single from the much-anticipated film 'Keedaa Cola,' directed by the National Award-winning director Tharun Bhascker. Composed and arranged by the talented Vivek Sagar, this song is a musical delight that will have you tapping your feet. With lyrics by Bharadwaj Gali and vocals by Hanuman Ch, the song showcases an incredible fusion of talents. It even features an Arabic rap by Falafel on a Waffle and additional vocals by Sai Madhav, Ritesh G Rao, and Sahiti Changanti. Varun Venugopal's bassline adds depth to the composition, and with additional programming by Vivek Sagar, 'Dipiri Dipiri' is an all-encompassing auditory experience.'Keedaa Cola' is a comedy that revolves around a group of friends who take on a daring challenge to get rich quick by sneaking a cockroach into a soft drink bottle. The film promises to be a hilarious ride with unexpected twists and turns. Directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam and produced by a team that includes K. Vivek Sudhanshu, Saikrishna Gadwal, Srinivas Kaushik Nanduri, Sripad Nandiraj, and Upendra Varma, 'Keedaa Cola' has a promising storyline that keeps you hooked. With Vivek Sagar's brilliant musical compositions and the unique 'Dipiri Dipiri' as the first taste, the film is set to create a buzz and entertain audiences with its wit and humor. The song is now available for you to enjoy, and it's a sneak peek into the enjoyable and quirky world of 'Keedaa Cola.'

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