No Kissing Scenes - Sreeleela

Sreeleela, a prominent figure in the film industry, with nearly five projects currently in her lineup, is garnering praise for her role in the movie "Bhagavanth Kesari." During promotional activities for the film, the talented actress was asked about her stance on performing lip-lock scenes in movies. In response, she expressed her strong commitment to her personal beliefs, stating that she would never engage in on-screen kissing.
Sreeleela humorously remarked that if she were to share a kiss, it would exclusively be with her husband. Widely recognized for her glamour and exceptional dancing abilities, she is set to appear in Mahesh Babu's upcoming project, "Guntur Kaaram." Her candid stance on avoiding on-screen lip-locks demonstrates her dedication to her principles as an actress in the film industry.

In the meantime, a video from the film "Love You Idiot" is circulating on social media. However, fans are defending her by suggesting that it could be a camera trick. Furthermore, it should be noted that this film was released when she was just 18 years old.

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