Nuvve Nuvve Lyrical Song from Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B

Let this melodious song find its way to your beloved's heart. "Nuvve Nuvve," a captivating track from the album "Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B," is now available for you to cherish. With its heartfelt lyrics and soulful composition, this song is a beautiful addition to your playlist. The song, featuring the artistic talents of Rakshit Shetty, Hemanth Rao, Rukmini Vasanth, Chaithra Achar, Charan Raj, Srilakshmi Belmannu, and Advaitha Ambara, is a testament to the creative excellence of Paramvah Pictures. As "Nuvve Nuvve" fills the air with its enchanting tunes, it promises to evoke a spectrum of emotions. So, without further ado, click the link and allow this musical masterpiece to serenade your senses.
Starring: Rakshit Shetty, Rukmini Vasanth, Chaithra J Achar, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa, Achyutha Kumar, Pavitra Lokesh, Ramesh Indira, Gopal Krishna Deshpande and others. 
Produced By : Rakshit Shetty
Written and Directed By : Hemanth M Rao 
DOP : Advaitha Gurumurthy 
Editor : Sunil Bharadwaj, Hemanth M Rao 
Music and Background Score By : Charan Raj

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