Rise of Shantala Lyrical Song from Shantala son

"Rise of Shantala" is a soul-stirring lyrical composition that transcends boundaries, offering a window into the rich and evocative tapestry of Telugu classical music. The song, brought to life through the musical genius of Vishal Chandra Shekhar and the poetic prowess of Shree Mani, explores the cultural resonance and tradition of Telugu music. With Arvind Arnest, Shibi Srinivasa, Vikram Pitty, Devu Mathew, Priya Prakash, and Triya Sushma lending their melodious voices, this composition promises to strike a chord with music enthusiasts.


The lyrical depth and mellifluous harmony of "Rise of Shantala" showcase a harmonious blend of tradition and melody, creating a sonic experience that transports listeners to the heart of Telugu heritage. The song encapsulates the essence of classical Telugu music, inviting you to embark on a musical journey through the cultural and traditional treasures of this vibrant Indian state. With Vishal Chandra Shekhar's music and Shree Mani's lyrics, this song is sure to resonate deeply with those who appreciate the beauty of Telugu classical music, making it a significant addition to the musical landscape.

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