Sudigali Sudheer's Calling Sahasra First Look Posters

The team behind the much-anticipated film, "Calling Sahasra," is spreading festive cheer as they extend warm wishes for a joyous Vijaya Dashami, a Hindu festival symbolizing victory of good over evil. "Calling Sahasra" has successfully wrapped up its shooting and post-production, marking significant progress in its journey to the big screen. The film is now gearing up for a grand release in November, setting the stage for an exciting cinematic experience.
With a talented cast and crew, "Calling Sahasra" is poised to deliver a compelling narrative that will undoubtedly captivate audiences. The film's progress towards its release date generates enthusiasm among movie enthusiasts, and they can look forward to a November filled with cinematic delight. As the film's promotions pick up momentum, fans and cinephiles eagerly anticipate the trailer and more insights into the story that "Calling Sahasra" promises to narrate.

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