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The latest film buzz comes from "Aadikeshava," an action drama released on November 24, 2023, marking director Srikanth N. Reddy's impressive directorial debut. Starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela, and Joju George in pivotal roles, the film has created a stir. The music, helmed by G.V. Prakash Kumar, and the cinematography and editing, executed by Dudley and Navin Nooli respectively, have contributed significantly to the movie's dynamic composition.
Upon its release, "Aadikeshava" garnered a mixed bag of reviews from critics, with opinions varying across the spectrum. Despite the diversity of critical assessments, the film has captured attention for its intense action sequences, dramatic storyline, and stellar performances by the lead cast, making it a notable addition to the recent lineup of Telugu-language cinema.

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