DUET Movie pooja ceremony event Stills

Capturing the essence of anticipation and enthusiasm, the recent pooja ceremony for the upcoming film "Duet" was filled with magical moments. The event brought together the talented actors Anand Deverakonda and Ritika Nayak, who are set to play lead roles in the film, promising a captivating on-screen chemistry. Adding to the musical magic, the film features the music of none other than the renowned composer GV Prakash, setting the stage for a melodious cinematic experience.
The event was attended by key figures from the film's production team, including Studio Green, Gnanavel Raja, director Mithun Krishnamurthy, Neha Gnanavel, and A. G. Raja. The air was filled with excitement as the team announced the imminent commencement of the shoot. As fans eagerly await the release of "Duet," the collaboration of talented actors, a celebrated music director, and a promising director is poised to deliver a cinematic treat. The magical moments from the pooja ceremony have set the stage for a project that holds great promise in the world of Indian cinema.

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