Extra Ordinary Man Latest Posters

Prepare to immerse yourself in the cinematic journey of 'Extra Ordinary Man,' Nithiin's upcoming film directed by Vakkantam Vamsi, scheduled for release on December 8. As the anticipation builds, the promotional campaign for the movie has commenced, unveiling intriguing glimpses into the narrative through the recently launched trailer. The storyline delves into the transformation of Nithiin's character, Abhi, navigating a trajectory from youthful aspirations to carving a niche as an additional actor in the industry.


The movie's narrative promises to deliver a compelling portrayal of Abhi's evolution, encapsulating the trials and triumphs of his journey. With Vakkantam Vamsi at the helm, the film not only showcases Nithiin's versatility as an actor but also offers a nuanced exploration of the realm of an additional actor, offering audiences a fresh perspective and an engaging cinematic experience come December 8th.

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