Kamal Hassan & Rajinikanth Shooting in the same studio after 21 years

Two stalwarts of Indian cinema, 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan and 'Superstar' Rajinikanth, graced the same studio, marking a momentous occasion after 21 years. The iconic duo, known for their legendary contributions to the film industry, were captured sharing a lighthearted moment while filming their respective projects—'Indian-2' and 'Thalaivar170.' This reunion in the studio holds immense significance, underscoring the convergence of these eminent personalities in a shared cinematic space after more than two decades.
The shooting schedule witnessed the convergence of these titans, with Kamal Haasan engaged in 'Indian-2' directed by @shankarshanmugh, and Rajinikanth involved in 'Thalaivar170.' Their camaraderie and mutual respect, evident during this rare occasion, have garnered attention and excitement among fans and the film fraternity. With the backing of production houses such as @LycaProductions, #Subaskaran, @RedGiantMovies_, and other significant contributors, these projects are anticipated to carry forward the legacy of these iconic actors and deliver enthralling cinematic experiences."

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