Keedaa Cola Jukebox Side-B

Immerse yourself in the musical journey of "Keedaa Cola," a cinematic creation by VG Sainma and directed by the National Award-winning filmmaker Tharun Bhascker. The full album, a creation of the musical maestro Vivek Sagar, offers a seamless transition from Side A to Side B, promising a melodic experience that transcends boundaries.
The tracks, including "Emantivi Emantivi," "Pattana O Pattu," "Naa Saavu Nen Sastha," "Sakkani Bomma," and "The Rage of Jeevan," showcase the diverse range of musical talents involved in this project. With vocals by Mohana Bhogaraj and Vivek Sagar, and lyrics penned by Kittu Vissapragada, the song credits reveal a meticulous process of composition and arrangement. As "Keedaa Cola" continues to make waves as a blockbuster in theaters, the Jukebox Side-B is set to elevate the auditory experience further, releasing today at 4:01 pm. Stay tuned for more updates on this musical masterpiece and follow Wowrey for the latest in entertainment news and releases. Join us on this musical odyssey by following Wowrey for a dose of the latest updates and insights from the world of cinema.

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