Moonshine Pictures Production No.1 Announcement Poster

"Prepare for a captivating journey as Moonshine Pictures is set to unveil their inaugural production on November 25th, 2023. The announcement promises to introduce a realm of enchantment and awe, marking the inception of Moonshine Pictures' foray into the world of entertainment. The production, starring the talented @iamThiruveeR and directed by @Raj__Virat, is primed to offer an enthralling experience, beckoning audiences into a world of wonder and creative brilliance.
Stay tuned for the much-anticipated reveal of Moonshine Pictures' maiden venture, an endeavor poised to captivate and transport audiences into a realm of imagination and intrigue. With a promise of mesmerizing storytelling and captivating performances, this announcement heralds the dawn of a new chapter for Moonshine Pictures, inviting audiences into an extraordinary and enthralling cinematic universe."

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