Odiyamma Song Making video from Hi Nanna

In a glimpse behind the scenes, the "Odiyamma Song Making" unveils the meticulous process behind crafting a musical sequence within the forthcoming Telugu film "Hi Nanna," featuring Nani and Shruti Haasan. Directed by Shouryuv and produced by Mohan Cherukuri (CVM) and Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala, the film sets the stage for a compelling narrative steeped in love and emotions. Key contributors to this cinematic venture include Director of Photography (DOP) Sanu John Varghese ISC, Music Director Hesham Abdul Wahab, and Production Designer Avinash Kolla, among others. With talents like editors, costume designers, and VFX supervisors pooling their expertise, the movie aims to deliver an immersive storytelling experience. This diverse team, spanning music, cinematography, and technical aspects, signals a concerted effort toward creating an engaging and promising cinematic marvel.

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