Prabhas Spotted at Airport returning from knee surgery in Europe

After a two-month stay in Europe for knee surgery, Prabhas, the renowned actor known for his roles in movies like "Mirchi" and "Rebel," has returned to his home country. The actor was recently spotted at the airport in Hyderabad, making his way back after the medical procedure. It's reported that Prabhas is taking a well-deserved break to recuperate before immersing himself in his work commitments.
As he entered the airport, Prabhas cut a stylish figure in a black t-shirt, a black long jacket, and military green cargo pants. Completing his look with black sneakers, an olive green cap, a mask, and black sunglasses, the actor appeared casual yet fashionable. In a video capturing the actor's airport appearance, he was seen walking with caution, indicating that he may still be in the recovery phase following his knee surgery. Despite his apparent discomfort, Prabhas quietly made his way through the airport exit, showcasing his professionalism and commitment to his work and fans. For more updates on Prabhas and other exciting developments in the world of cinema, follow Wowrey and stay tuned for the latest insights and news.

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