Raa Dora Lyrical Video from Anveshi Movie

The release of the lyrical video for 'Raa Dora' from the movie 'Anveshi' marks an exciting musical venture. Composed and arranged by Chaitan Bharadwaj, this melodious track features the soulful vocals of Deepthi Parthasarathi, with lyrics penned by Chaitanya Prasad. Directed by V J KHANNA, 'Anveshi' boasts a stellar cast including Vijay Dharan Datla, Simran Gupta, Ananya Nagalla, Ajay Ghosh, Nagi, Prabhu, Dil Ramesh, Subbarao, Harikrishna, Racha Ravi, Satyasri, Immanuel, Rajamouli, among others. Produced under the banner of Aruna Sree Entertainments by T. Ganapathi Reddy, with co-producers Harish Raju, Shivan Kumar Kandula, Golla Venkata Rambabu, and John Boyalapalli, the film is set to captivate audiences with its artistic vision. 'Raa Dora' from 'Anveshi' unveils a harmonious blend of music and lyrics, curated by a talented team led by Chaitan Bharadwaj and Deepthi Parthasarathi. Directed by V J KHANNA, the movie features an ensemble cast delivering promising performances. Under the production of Aruna Sree Entertainments and the guidance of T. Ganapathi Reddy along with the co-producers, 'Anveshi' promises to bring a unique cinematic experience. With a dynamic crew including K K Rao as the director of photography, Vidya Sager Raju in charge of choreography, and Karthika Srinivas as the editor, the film is poised to make its mark in the industry.
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