Bandi Official Trailer

The Bandi trailer unravels a compelling narrative, delving into the depths of a 'single actor' thriller that spans both the Telugu and Hindi languages. The film orbits around the central theme of environmental protection, offering a gripping premise that challenges societal perceptions. Aditya Varma, portrayed by Aditya Om, embodies a brilliant lawyer entangled in a battle for corporate acquisition of a verdant forest belt. However, his trajectory takes an unexpected turn when kidnapped by nature activists, thrusting him into a tumultuous journey to comprehend the essence of conservation, preservation, and the stark reality of climate change. The film, produced and directed by Tirumala Raghu, underscores a profound narrative that unfolds across diverse forest landscapes, capturing all four seasons over an extensive three-year filming period. Bandi stands as a testament to the commitment to realism and authenticity, showcased through Aditya Om's portrayal, wherein he performed all stunts without a double. As the debutant producer and director, Tirumala Raghu articulates a vision to craft cinema that raises awareness and consciousness on pertinent issues. The amalgamation of talent, including DOP Madhusudan Kota, editor Prakash Jha, and music composers Veeral, Lavan, and Sudesh Sawant, underscores the film's dedication to storytelling excellence. This cinematic venture, orchestrated under the banner of 'Gully Cinema,' transcends entertainment to become a catalyst for social reflection and awareness, reinforcing the potency of cinema in shaping collective consciousness.

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