Pindam Official Trailer

Prepare for a cinematic experience like no other as the official trailer of 'Pindam' offers a glimpse into a captivating narrative set to hit screens worldwide on December 15, 2023. The movie boasts an ensemble cast featuring Srikanth Sriram, Kushee Ravi, Eswari Rao, Srinivas Avasarala, Ravi Varma, Manik Reddy, Baby Chaitra, Baby Leisha, Vijayalakshmi, Srilatha, and others, ensuring a rich and diverse tapestry of characters and performances. Helmed by Saikiran Daida, who also contributed to the story alongside Kavi Siddhartha and Toby Osborne, 'Pindam' emerges as a collaborative effort showcasing the director's vision and storytelling prowess. Produced by Yeshwanth Daggumati, with Prabu Raja as the Co-Producer, under the banner of Kalaahi Media, the movie boasts an adept team behind the scenes, with Sathish Manoharan capturing the visuals as the Director of Photography, Krishna Saurabh Surampalli composing the music, and Sirish Prasad shaping the narrative as the editor. With a stellar lineup of talents, 'Pindam' sets the stage for an enthralling cinematic venture promising an immersive and compelling narrative that resonates with audiences upon its release.

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