Rocking Star Yash’s TOXIC First Look Motion Poster

Renowned actor Rocking Star Yash is all set to enchant audiences with his upcoming project, #Yash19, titled #TOXIC - A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups, slated to grace the screens on April 10th, 2025. The film, a brainchild of director Geetu Mohandas, promises to captivate viewers with its unique narrative and thematic elements, exploring a world where fairy tales meet the realms of adulthood. Produced by Venkat K Narayana and Yash under the banners of KVN Productions and Monster Mind Creations, #TOXIC emerges as an intriguing venture marking Yash's next cinematic chapter. This cinematic offering showcases Yash in a captivating avatar, steering away from conventional narratives to present a tale that combines the whimsy of fairy tales with the complexities of grown-up realities. Directed by the talented Geetu Mohandas, the film embraces a distinct vision that appeals to audiences of all ages, delving into uncharted territories of storytelling while maintaining a thread of relatability. With #TOXIC, Yash’s prowess as an actor is set to embark on an uncharted journey, promising an immersive cinematic experience that blends fantasy with a mature narrative, leaving audiences intrigued and eager for its grand unveiling in 2025.

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