Team Thandel begins an adrenaline pumping schedule in middle of the oceans

The fervor intensifies as Team Thandel embarks on an exhilarating shoot set amidst the vast expanses of the ocean. With cameras rolling, the crew delves into an adrenaline-pumping schedule, weaving together cinematic magic against the backdrop of the ocean's allure. Promising thrilling updates in the offing, this venture spearheaded by talents like Yuvasamrat Chay Akkineni, Sai Pallavi, Chandoo Mondeti, and DSP, under the guidance of visionaries Allu Aravind and Bunny Vas, hints at a project poised to captivate audiences with its dynamism and creativity.
The film, titled Dhullakotteyala, carries the echoes of anticipation, heightened by the collaborative efforts of the directorial prowess of Riyaz Chowdary, the visual finesse of Shamdatdop, and the editing finesse of Navin Nooli. Supported by a talented ensemble including Karthik Theeda, Bhanu Pratap, Viswanathart, and the collective might of the Thandel production team, this project promises to be an enthralling cinematic journey that pushes boundaries and dives into uncharted cinematic waters, all set to make waves in the world of entertainment under the banner of Geetha Arts.

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