Ustaad Show Episode 2 Promo - Sidhu Jonnalagadda

An enthralling new show, "Ustaad Rampage," is set to grace screens with a vibrant mix of entertainment and enthusiasm, premiering on December 21st exclusively on ETV Win. The promotional glimpse teases an exciting episode featuring Manoj, the Rocking Star, and the much-loved DJ Tillu, promising an engaging and box office-breaking entertainment extravaganza. This episode of "Ustaad Rampage" appears poised to take viewers on an exhilarating ride, combining fun-filled antics and thrilling performances. With the buzz of a 50-lakh cash prize and a star-studded lineup, this show aims to be a magnet for entertainment aficionados. The episode's teaser hints at an intriguing storyline with Sidhu Jonnalagadda lined up as the celebrity guest for Episode 2. The anticipation around this new venture is palpable, especially with the guest appearances and the promise of exciting content. As the premiere date approaches, the collaboration between Manchu Manoj, DJ Tillu, and an array of other guests hints at a show that intends to redefine entertainment on the digital screen. With an experienced team helming the show's production and direction, "Ustaad Rampage" seems primed to capture attention and deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.

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