Ambajipeta Marriage Band Release Date poster

In welcoming the promising dawn of 2024, the fervent team behind 'AmbajipetaMarriageBand' extends heartfelt wishes for a vibrant year ahead. With jubilant tones echoing through their message, this ensemble of talent and creativity seeks to uplift spirits and inspire a year filled with joy and success.
As the New Year unfolds, 'AmbajipetaMarriageBand' prepares for its global debut on February 2nd, promising an extravaganza of music and storytelling. Led by Bunny Vas, Suhas, Shivani Nagaram, and a talented ensemble cast, the film embodies the collaborative efforts of dedicated professionals. With the musical prowess of Shekar Chandra and Rahman enhancing the narrative, supported by esteemed production houses GA2 Official, Mahayana MP, and Sony Music South, this release vows to enchant audiences worldwide with its captivating tale set to unfold on the silver screen.

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