Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Movie Poster

The production journey of 'KaliyugamPattanamlo' nears its completion, with filming concluded and the project now advancing swiftly through its post-production phase. Anticipation swells as the team at Nanimovie Works and Raamaa Creations dedicate their efforts to refining and enhancing the movie's visual and auditory elements. This collaborative endeavor, led by actors Vishva, Aayushi Patell, and supported by the creative vision of Rama Kanth Reddy, promises an immersive cinematic experience set to grace theaters in February.
Under the directorial guidance of Gaddam Maheshwara Reddy and the artistic contributions of Katam Ramesh, Sai Charan Madha, Garry Bh, and Ajay Arasada, 'KaliyugamPattanamlo' sets the stage for an engaging narrative. As the film embarks on its final journey toward theatrical release, the dedicated efforts of the entire team, including the backing of PRO Sai Satish, reinforce the promise of a captivating cinematic tale awaiting its moment to enrapture audiences on the big screen.

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