Maa Ooru Ambajipeta Lyrical song from Ambajipeta Marriage Band

The musical opus of 'Ambajipeta Marriage Band' resonates with vigor through its latest release, the second single titled '#MaaOoruAmbajipeta,' embellished with the soulful melodies of Kaala Bhairava. This delightful composition enchants listeners, adding a harmonious dimension to the narrative of the film. As the anticipation builds for the cinematic unveiling on February 2nd, 2024, this musical offering heralds a captivating and celebratory essence, paving the way for the movie's immersive experience. 'Bunny Vas' and the ensemble cast including Actor Suhas, Shivani Nagaram, Dushyanth, Mahati Swara Sagar, and Dhee, backed by the musical brilliance of Shekar Chandra and Rahman, ensure a symphony of talent. With the production prowess of GA2 Entertainment and Mahayana Motion Pictures, accompanied by Sony Music South, the film's second single exudes the essence of 'Ambajipeta Marriage Band,' inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a musical journey that harmonizes emotion, celebration, and storytelling.

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