Does Hastar Really Exists?

Have you watched “Tumbbad” movie? if not, then you may not understand this article and this is not for you. You can see other interesting posts here. But if you watched the film Tumbbad then you might have a question in your mind that “Does Hastar Really Exists ?” even i got the same doubt after watching the film and got these details for you.

According to film Tumbbad Hastar show cased as “Greed, gold and the curse of a demon god” he is the first one among 6 crore gods and goddesses that were born to the Goddess of Prosperity,  Though Hastar was marked as a Hindu god in the film, there were no proofs of Hastar mentioned in the Indian mythology. But we have found the resemblance in Bible, his name is Mammon, The god of material objects, Mammon’s name itself is the Hebrew word for money. Mammon either appears or is referred to as an entity that promises worldly riches, invoking greed. So finally after researching we have came to a conclusion that “HASTAR is just a imaginary character used in the film” there is no existence of Hastar in Indian mythology


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