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PK’s 3rd Wife Son Named “Mark Shankar Pawanovich”

Its been informed that Power Star Pawan kalyan has been a father with the birth of his son for his 3rd wife Anna Lezhneva who is a foreigner. Interesting news is that the baby boy has been named as Mark Shankar Pawanovich. The name looks so Strange like a mixture of Indian, American Spanish Style. If you look at the name briefly, there is a hidden significance for that. Since he is a foreigner he started with the word “Mark” and then followed by “Shankar” which was the original name of his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi “Shiva Shankara Varaprasad” which clearly showing the love towards him. And then ends with  “Pawanovich” which has the sounding of his name included in a Spanish style. Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna were blessed with a baby boy on October 11 and a picture was circulated in Social media where Pawan Kalyan holding his newly born baby in his hands. Look at that picture Here.

Pawan Kalyan Becomes Father for 3rd Wife's Son

Mark Shankar Pawanovich Pictures

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