The Best Video for Devops Introduction in Telugu


So, now the most used technical word in IT industry is Devops , yes i guess most of you already aware of what is Devops and i think many of you already working as a Devops-Engineers without having the complete knowledge on it. So here is the deal, I have found the best DevOps introduction video in youtube which blows your mind with the clear cut spoon feeding mode. This was posted by some unknown random guy and the way he explains the topic which will be understandable even for a school kid. I know that you guys have gone through many Devops-tutorials and also i know that there are some day where you have search for “What is DevOps“. but this video is different than all others. Just watch the videos here that i have posted, one explains what is Devops and other explains Cloud Computing, also i found many Linux tutorials in the channel too exclusively in “TEK-TELUGU

DevOps Introduction

Cloud Computing Introduction

After watching this video i have found a small note in the comments section of the video

I am planning to start a DevOpsTrainingSessions soon. Please let me know if any of you or your known contacts to join the training. The training will be for around 45-50 hours.

Weekend batch (i.e Saturday & Sunday 4 hours each day) will be for 5 weeks.
Week day (Monday to Friday) batch can be 2 hrs each day for 4 Weeks.

To be clear these sessions will be “part theory and part demo”. During initial session, you will be provided with two VM’s to practice the concepts learnt. You can deploy the VM’s on your laptop or desktop.

The fee will be ₹15000. Each reference can earn you a discount of ₹500 on the reference enrollment.

For any further information, please contact me on <>

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