What Happens If You Don't Sleep For 6 Days?

As per the Scientific researches a man can tolerate hunger but he can survive his life with out a proper sleep. Do you ever thought what happens if you dont sleep for some days? Yes i will explain what happens if you dont sleep for 1 Week.

Day 1 : Your Concentration will be effected and you will feel Ill

Day 2: Frequent hunger. You will get Hot and cold flashes

Day 3:Your mind says that you can work but your body will not supports, Your Hunger also will increases.

Day 4:  You feels like your body is dying, you cant even move your organs.

Day 5: You becomes a Mad, You will scratch the walls, you feeling like you are moving some where, but actually you are in a Idle stage. Almost your soul is ready to leave your body, You will see only shadows of articles. Your eye sights will flashes, Suddenly your room becomes darks and again it becomes bright

Day 6:Sorry, You are no more in this world... No one can live for more that 5 Sleepless nights.