Check Your Pen Drive is Fake Or Original

 Have you bought a new pendrive? what is the size?, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and so on... are you sure that the label on the pendrive with the size details is a genuine one? if you ask me the same question, Then i will say a big Nooooooooooo to believe the labels on the pendrive.

When you buy a pendrive and plug into the system and check the memory size it will accurately displays the memory size that labelled on the device, But when you try to copy the data it will shows an error and finally it stops working. 

For Example if you bought an 8GB pendrive, you will definately think of storing the big volume of data into your pendrive. you starts copying the 5GB of data into your pendrive and after filling the 1GB of space your pendrive stops working, What will be your reaction? So to overcome thins problem there is a small process to find the Genuinity of the pendrive. Please follow the below details


Step 1: 

 Download the files from Here --> Click Here. And run the application, No installation required

Step 2:

 Plug your pendrive or Memory card into the USB Port of your system

Step 3:  

Now select language and select the target folder as your pendrive or memory card.

Step 4:  

Click on "Write + Verify" button to start.

Thats it, If you found any error in this process then you are the victim, Your pendrive was a fake one. If not Then you are a lucky person to have a good pendrive :P

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