Oka Laila Kosam Movie Triview By Swaroop

Stars : Naga Chaitanya, Pooja Hedge, Suman, Shiyaaji Shinde, Madhu, Vennela Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali
Directed by : Vijay Kumar Konda
Produced by : Akkineni Nagarjuna
Written by : Vijay Kumar Konda
Music : Anup Rubens
Cinematography : I Andrew
Edited by : Praveen Pudi
Production : Annapoorna Studios
Running time : 150  minutes
Release date : 17th October 2014
Budget : 20 Crores
Genre :Love Entertainer

What is the Story?

Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) is a College topper who takes a 1 Year leave from his Dad Suman by leaving the Fancy offers to just explore the world, He rounds up the entire world in 6 Months and he fells in Love with Nandu(Pooja Hedge) at first sight and she misses every time, But indirectly She starts hating Karthik by misunderstanding him with some unfortunate situations, Suddenly Suman chooses a match to Karthik and she is none other than Nandu, But with the old experiences that she faced with Karthik makes her to hate Karthik even after the engagement. How Karthik Convinced her and Proved his Pure love is he rest of the story which is narrated with few twists.

How Actors Performed?

Naga Chaitanya : He is ultimate in this film, When comapred to all his other films, He delivered a mature performance in this movie which dominates his Career best role in 100% Love Movie. He looks so stylish and Handsome in this film, He improved a lot in dialogue delivery, Dances and Fights.

Pooja Hedge : She is Simply Superb in this film, She is definitely will be one of the best choice for upcoming tollywood films, His Performance Dominated Naga Chaitanya at some parts Especially her performance in the Climax is Outstanding. But she looks very thin at some parts. She looks like a Girl Next door with a very Simple Looks.

Ali : After the Hero and Heroin, Most of the part covered by Comedian Ali who has a been a biggest Story manipulator in this film, As usual he rocked his mark Comedy which is Hilarious. His flash back episodes and Scene with Posani Krishna Murali will be a definitely a Laughing Riot

Suman and Shiyaaji Shinde : Both done a decent job as per their Roles they will be seen as Fathers of Hero and Heroin Respectively, One of the best choice for the roles.

Madhu :After the film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, He got a Beautiful role in this film which helps in making the Comedy in this film

Cameo's : Vennela Kishore and Posani krishna Murai will be seen in a Cameo roles where Posani Rocked with the Comedy performance and Vennela Kishore Helped in Carrying the Romantic feel in the story, Josh Ravi came up with some Adult comedy role which looks Pale and Forced comedy

Others : All Other artists rocked as per their Roles.

Technical Review

Direction, Story and Screenplay : Vijay Kumar Konda is the director of this film who earlier directed the super hit film like Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, He has handled the film with Utmost care and Brilliant Screenplay, He took the old Story but still he managed to deliver the film with a fresh Look. Movie Has a a very gripping screenplay in the first half and he failed to deliver the same kind of Speed in the second half. With 20 Crores of Budget he has given a Fantastic output, His selection of Characters , Locations and Costumes are simply awesome. He has given justification of every scene in the film and he used each and every character to Involve in the story, He never given a Chance to miss the logics in the film, With out a  proper chemistry between the lead pair, He has brought a good romantic feel in the film and his Background work is much appreciated. The way he showed the pure love of Hero is fantastic. For the starting of the film he started using the scenes and Characters to bring a Effective and Emotional Climax and as a result the climax has stood One of the biggest highlight of the film. He has a golden days in future in Tollywood

Cinematography : Cinematographer I Andrew has been a biggest support for this film in bringing the rich Output, Earlier he worked for the films like Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, Endukante Premanta, Kandireega, Bon, Ullasanga Utsahanga,Masala,Jabardasth and Bodyguard and this film will be added in his career's best films.

Music : Music composed by Anup Rubens has been another technical highlight of the film, He became a master in Giving the perfect BGM, And songs like Oka Laila Kosam Remix and Oh Jane Jana will stands top in Charts, Perfect BGM brings the soul to the film

Production : Movie Produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna and Didn't Compromised in allocating the budget to this film, Movie has a very rich look and Some scenes and Songs Shot in Foriegn Locations, Costumes used by the actors looks Rich. Movie is made up with a very reasonable budget and this will be a biggest commercial success film in Naga Chaitanya's Career

Dialogues : Dialogues looks very Simple and meaning Full, Some logical dialogues are Hilarious. And Emotional dialogues in Climax are Too good.

Why Should We Watch this film?

  • Naga Chaitanya and Pooja Hedge Performances are Good
  • Ali Comedy is Hilariou
  • Movie has a Great Romantic Feel
  • Story looks Old but still its Narrated in Interesting way
  • Songs are Awesome and BGM is Fantastic
  • Dialogues are Simple and Meaningful
  • Cinematography is Good
  • Direction is Awesome

What Made me Bore?

  • Second Half of the film will starts dragging at a point of time
  • Movie has some Predictable scenes
  • Heroin Charecter is Not well Designed , No proper Emotions carried
  • Irrelavant Fights and Comedy Added in the Second Half
  • Routine Telugu Cinema Formula Used as  Story 
  • Thumbs Down For Fights

Who Will Like This Film?

People who loves Romantic films will definitely loves this.

With Whom We Can Watch This Film?

You can watch with your family and Friends, Especially with your GF or BF :P

Is It a Must Watch Film?

Yes, Surely its a Must Watch Film if you are a Romantic films Lover, If Not its just a Timespass for your Weekend

Rating for Content - 3.5/5

Rating for Entertainment - 3.5/5

Rating For Box Office Stamina - 3.5/5

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