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Stars :  Rajinikanth , Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Santhanam, Karunakaran, Jagapati Babu, Dev Gill, Brahmanandam, Radha Ravi, Vijayakumar, Nizhalgal Ravi
Directed by : K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by : Rockline Venkatesh
Written by : K. S. Ravikumar,Pon Kumaran
Music : A. R. Rahman
Cinematography : R. Rathnavelu
Edited by : Samjith Mhd
Production : Rockline Entertainments
Running time : 178 minutes
Release date : 12th December  2014
Genre : Comedy and Action Entertainer
Budget :  130Crores
Screens : More than 2000

What is the Story

Lingeswara is a King who completed his Engineering in Oxford University and as per his fathers wish he works as a president of Nellore area during the British rule , One day he comes to Nellore to check the conditions and see a pathetic condition that Singanoor Village people are facing in their lives, As a engineer he analyses the problem as Aims to Construct a Dam, But his Position as a President in British Rule doesn't allow to this this Good cause so he resigns the job and Start Constructing a Dam with his own Money, But the rival President of Another area doesn't allow to do the same as his Igo Hurts with some Incidents, But with lot of Hurdles Lingeswara finishes the Dam and he loses his Complete Property and fame due to some cheats done by British President,

Finally he opens the Shiva Temple beside the Dam and on the same day it will be closed due to some incidents and Lingeswara will be thrown out of the village, After some decades the Village officials plans to open the Temple and they start searching Legal heirs of Lingeswara and founds Lingaa in Chennai who is a Thief, Linga hates his Grand father for not giving any property to his father, When he comes to Singanoor his complete opinion will be changed and Start devoting his grand father, how he lives up to the reputation of his grandfather by facing some Problems in the Present Generation is the rest of the Story

What are the Highlights?

  • Obviously Rajinikanth is a Biggest Highlight of this film, He is So Handsome and Energetic in this film, This character is a Cake walk to him and he lived in the role.
  • Santhanam done a friend role of Rajinikanth and Brought Some Laughs at Parts
  • Art Work of the film Done by Sabu Cyril is Simply Amazing and Outstanding, Each and Every fame that he designed was done with an Utmost Care, Even the sets in the songs like O Rabba and Mona Mona looks Colorful and Dam Set and 1940's Locations are Awesome
  • Ar Rehaman Songs are Not Upto the Mark but BGM is Good
  • Cinematography by Ratnavelu has brought a Grand Look for the film
  • Many Scenes in Flashback are Good and the Charecter of Lingeswara Resemblances Original character of Rajinikanth
  • Emotional Scenes in Second Half came out very well
  • The Robbery Scene of Necklace is Good and Funny
  • K S Ravi Kumar Direction is Good At Parts
  • Dialogues are Meaningful Creates a Great Impact
  • Climax planned in a Rajini Style, Its a funny Climax as well as a Big Minus for the film
  • First Half Runs with the Hilarious Comedy between Santhanam and Rajinikanth
  • A Fight Scene in Flashback entrance was good 
  • A Scene where Village people search for Lingeswara and Founds in a Small Village is Good
  • Movie has a Good Commercial Elements and Family Elements
  • Production Values are Top Knotch, Makers doesn't hesitated in Shelling out the Bucks
  • Indian Ai Raa Song is Fantastic on Screen

What Gone Wrong With this film?

  • Anushka looks fat and Grand which doesnt suit for Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha looks pale and he doesn't suit for the role she roped for. Even Dubbing by Singer Chinmayi doesn't suits her
  • This is Just a Cameo Role for Brahmanandam and failed to Bring Laughs
  • Jagapathi Babu Role Wasted and His Character is Not Justified
  • The Man who roped for the British President role doesn't looks powerful
  • Another Big minus for the film is Screenplay, As the movie has a very long run time the screenplay that played by the direction brings some boredom at parts
  • Director Failed at some parts
  • There are Many Scenes which are Unecessary extended which increased the length of the film
  • Climax Planned in a Silly way, This is a biggest mistake done by Director when Movie runs in a Serious Phase, Its enjoyable but still it kills the movie flow
  • VFX is Worst at Peaks, Its not Expected for this kind of Big Budget film
  • Oo Manmadha song is not good it remembers Puvvalle Navvul Navvul Song in Shivaji
  • There are Some Silly Logic less Scenes in the film particularly in first half
  • Editing is Not Good

Finally What i Say?

Finally Linga is a Perfect choice to Enjoy yours weekend, Just enter into the theater with zero expectations and You will not disappoint, Value for your money. Rajinikanth fans likes this movie a lot and Normal audience may like the Flashback episode which is nearly half of the film which picturized with the amazing Art

With Whom We Can Watch This Film?

You Can Enjoy With Your Family with out Hesitation...!

Rating for Content - 3/5

Rating for Entertainment - 2.5/5

Rating For Box Office Stamina - 3.5/5

OVER ALL RATING : 3/5 (Parugussss)

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