Mukunda Movie Review by Swaroop

Stars : Varun Tej, Pooja Hedge, Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raj,
Directed by : Srikanth Addala
Produced by : Tagore Madu,Nallamalapu Srinivas
Music : Micky j Mayer
Cinematography : V. Manikandan
Edited by : Marthan k Venkatesh
Production : Leo Productions
Running time : 142 minutes
Release date : 24th December  2014

What is the Story

Mukunda (Varun Tej) is a matured youth with guts and he has a clash with his Village Municipal Chairman Rao Ramesh in account of his friend's Love Story with Rao Ramesh's Daughter, Mukunda tries to protect his friend from Rao Ramesh and tries to destroy Rao Ramesh''s Muncipal Chairman Power and he will make it through Prakash Raj and in this process he fall sin love with his Another Daughter Pooja Hedge. How He United his Friend and Rao Ramesh's Daughter and how he paired up with Pooja Hedge is the Rest of the Story

What are the Highlights?

  • This is a Debut film of Varun Tej, He looks Handsome and also tried to Well to Deliver the Powerful Performance but still need some improvement in Expressions
  • Pooja Hedge Looks Beautiful and Natural but she doesn't Have Much Role in this film
  • Cinematography is Colourful and Good
  • BGM By Mickey Ja Mayer has Been a Bigegst Highlight of this film and Elevated the Scenes Well 
  • Srikanth Addala's Screenplay and Direction is OK
  • Rao Ramesh Character is the Main Highlight of the film which Brings Some Crowds to the theaters, He Simply Rocked in the Charecter
  • Direction and Screenplay is OK
  • Dilaogues Uttered by Hero and Rao Ramesh are Excellent Some are OutStanding

What Gone Wrong With this film?

  • Movie has a Snail Paced Narraion
  • Wrong Placement Of Songs Disturbs the Movie FLow
  • There are Many Repeated Scenes in the film which could be Easily Chopped Off
  • Movie has No Entertainment Even it has a Good Comedians Like Ali and Praveen
  • Story is Very Thin and Nothing Fresh Offered by the director
  • There is Zero Chemistry Between the lead pair and Infact There is No Single Dialgue between Them
  • Prakash Raj’s character irritates with the Nonscene Dialogues
  • Hero Turning a Politician is Not Elevated Well
  • Srikanth Addala's Magic Missed in this film

Finally What i Say?

Finally Mukunda is not a perfect Debut for Varun Tej, Rao Ramesh Charecter is More Dominated his Character in this film and Movie Completely Runs in a Serious Mode with the Snail Pace Narration which may not suitable for Family Audience. Too Many Repeated Scenes and Zero Entertainment Kills the film. This is a Biggest Disappointment who are expecting a Romantic film from Srikanth Addala and also People who are Comparing this with Shekar Kamula's Leader. Just for Varun Tej and Rao Ramesh its a One Time Watchable

With Whom We Can Watch This Film?

You can Enjoy SINGLE...!

Rating for Content - 2/5

Rating for Entertainment - 2/5

Rating For Box Office Stamina - 3/5


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