Rajamouli's Next is not MAHABHARATHA

After the India's biggest blockbuster like Baahubali, everyone eagerly waiting for the Rajamouli's upcoming film announcement and its been a news that he is going to start his dream project Mahabharatha now. But Rajamouli trashed all the gossips and surprised with a sweet news, Rajamouli has a habit of making a film that touches his heart after making the biggest graphical film you can notice that when he made a film like Maryada Ramanna with Zero Graphics after the film like Magadheera.

The same trend gonna continue even now. As per the latest information, he is going to make a film with huge emotional content which doesn't have any VFX in that, This father and successful writer Vijayendra Prasad working on the script now. Hero's name would be decided once his father completes writing. As we all know who Rajamouli is not only a master in creating the graphical films, he is more over an expert in injecting the emotional content which has proved in the film like Chatrapathi, Simhadri etc.

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