Why is it named as Chicken65?

Have you ever pondered the origin of the name "Chicken 65"? Various assumptions have circulated regarding its nomenclature. Is it perhaps marinated for 65 days, prepared using a 65-day-old chicken, or sliced into precisely 65 distinct pieces? Or could it be that the dish incorporates a staggering 65 different spices and ingredients? Well, the actual reason behind why it is named "Chicken 65" lies elsewhere.

Chicken 65 comes from South India and is very popular in Malaysian restaurants, especially those known for banana leaf dishes. People have different ideas about where the name comes from like i said before, But most people agree that it got its name because it was created in 1965 at the famous Buhari Hotel in Chennai, India.

The Buhari Hotel was started by a man named AM Buhari and was one of the first places to offer fine dining in Madras, which is now Chennai. Interestingly, they used to serve Chicken 78 and Chicken 82, and now they have Chicken 90 on their menu. This hotel has become famous and has seven branches in Chennai. Many celebrities have visited and enjoyed their delicious food over the years.

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