Ambajipeta Marriage Band First Single Gumma out on October 30th

Malligadu, who is known for setting the mood and enthralling the audience with his vibrant tunes, is all set to create magic once again with the first single from "Ambajipeta Marriage Band." The track, titled "Gumma," is scheduled for release on October 30th, and fans can expect a musical masterpiece that transcends genres and captures the essence of celebration and togetherness.
Malligadu's talent and creativity have made him a household name in the music industry, and this upcoming single from "Ambajipeta Marriage Band" is already generating significant excitement. With a promo set to drop today at 6.39 PM, the anticipation is building as fans look forward to immersing themselves in the music and energy that Malligadu brings to every composition. This release marks a significant moment for Telugu music, and it's expected to be a delightful addition to the musical landscape.

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