Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Teaser

Get ready for a riveting cinematic experience with the much-anticipated Telugu mystery crime thriller, "Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana." The film promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with its mysterious and intriguing storyline. Starring Shiva Kandukuri and Rashi Singh, this movie delves into an unsolved case that has haunted a small town in the south of India for 18 years.
Local law enforcement has failed to provide any answers or solutions, leaving the community shrouded in questions and doubt. Enter Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana, a village detective who becomes entangled in this perplexing case through a series of unforeseen events. As he ventures into this enigmatic investigation, the film explores whether he can unlock the secrets behind the long-standing murders and apprehend the serial killer, all while facing significant odds stacked against him. "Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana" is set to hit the screens on March 31st, 2023, offering a thrilling and suspenseful experience for Telugu cinema enthusiasts. The movie's ensemble cast, led by Shiva Kandukuri and Rashi Singh, brings the story to life under the direction of Purushotham Raaj. With music by Sricharan Pakala and Vijai Bulganin and cinematography by Goutham G, the film is poised to deliver an enthralling narrative. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a cinematic journey into the world of mystery and crime with "Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana."

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