Mr.Nagabushanam Trailer

Kurukshetra Productions is set to premiere an exciting new Original series, "Mr. Nagabhushanam," on 13th October. Directed by the talented Dileep Saraswathi, this series boasts a stellar cast including Ram Nitin, Mounika Reddy, Harshavardhan, Prem Sagar, Shivani, Bindhu Chandramouli, and Sreemani. The show promises to be a captivating addition to the world of web series.Under the banner of Kurukshetra Productions and produced by Praneeth Bramandapally, "Mr. Nagabhushanam" brings together a skilled crew, with Dileep Saraswathi at the helm as the writer and director. The series showcases the talents of Daniel Viswas and Sathish Masam as the Director of Photography, Jayanthi Satram as the Art Director, and PR as the Music Director. The series is rounded out by the efforts of costume designer Sujitha Kasturi and editor Vara. With such a talented cast and crew, "Mr. Nagabhushanam" is a production to look out for, promising to captivate audiences with its storytelling and visual appeal.

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