Pindam Movie First Look Poster

The acclaimed director Saikiran Daida has taken the reins of the upcoming film 'Pindam,' a venture that is already generating considerable buzz in the Telugu film industry. The movie, which stars the talented Sreekanth Shriram and the captivating Khushi Ravi in pivotal roles, is expected to make a profound statement on the big screen. With Saikiran Daida at the helm, audiences are in for a cinematic experience that promises to be a thrilling and heart-pounding ride.
The narrative of 'Pindam' is reported to be a gripping psychological thriller, and its title, which means 'the serious film,' hints at the intensity and depth of the storytelling. With Srikanth Shriram and Khushi Ravi leading the way, supported by a stellar cast, 'Pindam' aims to captivate and challenge its viewers with a storyline that traverses different time periods, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. As post-production activities progress, the film's teaser is scheduled for release on October 30th, and the movie itself is planned for a November release. The producer Yashwant Dagumati, in a statement, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, marking it as a remarkable attempt to push the boundaries of the thriller genre. 'Pindam' also includes Eshwari Rao, Avasarala Srinivas, Ravi Varma, and others in prominent roles, further elevating the excitement surrounding the film. With Saikiran Daida's visionary direction and a talented ensemble cast, 'Pindam' is poised to be a riveting cinematic experience, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting its release.

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