Roshan Kanakala's Bubblegum First Look Poster


Introducing the much-anticipated first look of "Bubblegum"! The excitement surrounding this cinematic venture is palpable, and fans can hardly wait to savor the unique flavor it promises to deliver. Scheduled for release on October 10th, the "Bubblegum" first look has already ignited curiosity and anticipation among film enthusiasts.

Directed by the talented Ravikanth Perepu, "Bubblegum" is set to introduce a fresh and enticing cinematic experience. Starring Roshan Kanakala and Maanasa Choudhary in pivotal roles, this project is expected to be a visual and narrative treat for audiences.

The film's cinematography, handled by Suresh Raghu, is poised to captivate viewers with its stunning visuals. The music, composed by Sricharan Pakala, is bound to strike a chord with its melodious tunes.

Produced by Maheshwari Movies in collaboration with People Media Factory, "Bubblegum" holds the promise of being a delightful cinematic journey that will leave a lasting impression. As the release date draws near, the first look has set the stage for what could be a memorable addition to the world of cinema.

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