Rudrangi Lyrical Title Song - Kailash Kher

T-Series Telugu is here to captivate Telugu music enthusiasts with the soul-stirring "Rudrangi Title Lyrical Song" from the upcoming Telugu movie "Rudrangi." This film stars a stellar cast, including Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Vimala Raman, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Ashish Gandhi, and Ganavi Laxman. The musical brilliance is brought to life by the talented Nawfal Raja Ais, while the lyrical magic is spun by Manukota Prasad.


This promising movie offers a glimpse into the compelling world of "Rudrangi," promising a captivating and thrilling experience. With a stellar cast, captivating music, and promising visuals, "Rudrangi" is set to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Directed by Santosh Shanamoni and with costume design by Aayesha Mariam, this film is a must-watch for Telugu cinema enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for this enthralling tale and immerse yourself in its mesmerizing lyrical world as "Rudrangi" takes center stage. Don't miss this exciting cinematic journey, filled with stunning motion posters and lyrical videos, beautifully designed by Shakthi Graphiste. Stay tuned for a delightful audio-visual treat from "Rudrangi" as it approaches its release.

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