Salaar Interval Scene Leaked and goes viral in social media

In yet another incident of unfortunate leaks, an intense interval scene from Rebel Star Prabhas's upcoming movie, "Salaar," has surfaced online. This isn't the first time the film has faced such issues, as several pictures and posters have been leaked even before their official release. The leaked scene has garnered attention for its sheer intensity, leaving viewers with goosebumps, but it has also left fans disheartened.
Reacting to the leaks, fans have taken matters into their own hands, actively searching for the source of these breaches on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. They have successfully had the leaked video removed from various websites and Twitter handles, aiming to maintain the element of surprise and suspense surrounding the movie. As this leak has understandably caused a stir in the Prabhas fan community and the film's production team, it remains to be seen how the officials will respond and take measures to tackle such incidents effectively in the future.

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