Tillu Square Shoot is about to Wrap Soon

The filming of "Tillu Square," a sequel to the acclaimed DJ Tillu, starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda, is entering its final stages. After an extensive shoot in Hyderabad last month, the film's production team is now gearing up for the last schedule. According to a reliable source, the final significant shoot is set to commence on October 16 in Hyderabad and will last for about five to six days. During this period, the team plans to complete the talkie portions and one-and-a-half songs, with only the climax remaining. The location for shooting the climax, whether in India or abroad, has yet to be confirmed, and a decision will be reached shortly. If a decision is made, the climax will likely be shot for a couple of days in the first week of November, marking the conclusion of the entire shoot.

Notably, director Mallik Ram, known for his previous works like "Adbutham," "Pelli Gola" (web series), and "Naruda Donaruda," is at the helm of "Tillu Square." The project has generated significant anticipation, with Mallik Ram sharing last year that the film promises to be a laughter-filled riot with even more chaos this time, making the beloved character Tillu even more endearing to the audience. Anupama Parameswaran joins Siddhu in the cast of "Tillu Square," although the film's release date has not yet been confirmed by the production team.

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