Brush Vesko from Extra Ordinary Man is dropping tomorrow - Poster

Get ready to shed your worries and hit the dance floor because the vibrant and energetic track "Brush Vesko" from the upcoming project "Extra Ordinary Man" is set to be released tomorrow. With Harris Jayaraj's lively beats and the promise of an extraordinary experience, it's the perfect musical treat for fans of Telugu cinema.
The film "Extra Ordinary Man," featuring a stellar cast including Nithiin, Rajasekhar, and Sreeleela, is generating anticipation and excitement among movie enthusiasts. With a captivating soundtrack and the musical prowess of J. Harris Jayaraj, it's poised to make a special mark in the world of entertainment. To stay updated with more exciting developments and releases, follow Wowrey for the latest news from the world of Telugu cinema and beyond. Get ready to experience something extraordinary as you groove to the beats of "Brush Vesko" and explore the cinematic journey that awaits.

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