Guntur Kaaram - Dum Masala Song Promo

Introducing 'Guntur Kaaram' - The Sizzling Teaser of a Mass Extravaganza! Prepare yourselves for an explosive cinematic experience as the charismatic Superstar Mahesh Babu takes center stage in our upcoming Telugu feature film, 'Guntur Kaaram.' Directed by the acclaimed Trivikram,
This action-packed spectacle promises to set the screens ablaze. With a power-packed musical score by Thaman S, stunning visuals captured by Manoj Paramahamsa, and seamless editing by Navin Nooli, 'Guntur Kaaram' is poised to be a blockbuster in the making. The artistic brilliance of A.S. Prakash and the dedicated production by S. Radha Krishna (Chinababu) under the banner of Haarika & Hassine Creations further add to the grandeur of this cinematic endeavor. The highly anticipated worldwide release of 'Guntur Kaaram' is scheduled for January 12th, 2024. This much-awaited film, starring Superstar Mahesh Babu alongside Sreeleela and Meenkashii Chaudary, is not only a visual treat but also a showcase of unparalleled talent, as it brings together a remarkable cast and crew. With Thaman S's melodious tunes, lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry, and vocals by Sanjith Hegde, the musical essence of 'Guntur Kaaram' is sure to linger in the hearts of the audience. The dedication and creativity of the entire team, under the stewardship of Trivikram, promise a cinematic experience like no other, one that will undoubtedly set the box office ablaze and leave a lasting impact on the world of Telugu cinema.

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