Hanuman 3rd Single on 28th NOV Posters

The upcoming release of the third single from the film #HanumanTuesday brings an additional musical treat for fans on November 28th. Directed by @PrasanthVarma, the movie stars @tejasajja123 in a prominent role, creating anticipation for its eventual launch on January 12th, 2024.
This eagerly awaited film involves a stellar cast, including @Niran_Reddy, @Actor_Amritha, @varusarath5, @VinayRai1809, and @GowrahariK, contributing to what's expected to be a gripping cinematic experience. Produced by @Primeshowtweets and @Chaitanyaniran, this project continues to build momentum and excitement as the release date approaches. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated third single and the eventual unveiling of #Hanuman in the new year.

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