Happy Journey Lyrical song from Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama

Introducing "Happy Journey," the lyrical song from the much-anticipated film "Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama." This musical delight, written and crafted by Pavan Kalyan Tankala, is sure to set the mood for a captivating cinematic experience. "Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama" is a project brought to life by Story Cat Entertainments & S Originals in association with MR. Productions, under the vision of director Subash Chandra. With an exciting cast featuring Santosh Shobhan and Phalguni Khanna, the film is gearing up to take the audience on a memorable journey. As we anticipate the release of this cinematic gem, it's clear that a talented team, including sound design by Nagarjuna Thallapalli, editing by Anil Kumar P., and cinematography by Saai Santosh, has come together to create something special. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the grand unveiling of "Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama."

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