Malvika Sharma as Devi from Harom Hara

Introducing the stunning Malvika Sharma as Devi in the much-anticipated film, "Harom Hara." The film promises to be a visual spectacle, and Malvika Sharma's portrayal of Devi adds an extra layer of intrigue to this cinematic journey. The unveiling of the "POWER of SUBRAMANYAM" on November 22nd is eagerly awaited, hinting at the pivotal role that Sudheer Babu, the leading actor, will play in this cinematic venture.
"Harom Hara" is more than just a film; it's an exploration of characters, emotions, and the undeniable power of storytelling. The combination of Sudheer Babu's commanding screen presence and Malvika Sharma's grace is sure to create magic on screen. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the "POWER of SUBRAMANYAM" on November 22nd, and follow Wowrey for continuous updates on this cinematic journey and more exclusive insights into the world of entertainment.

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