Perfume Movie trailer

Introducing "Perfume," a compelling film helmed by director J.D Swamy and featuring CheNag and Prachi Thaker, accompanied by the captivating music of Ajay Arasada. The trailer offers a glimpse into this unique cinematic experience, boasting an ensemble cast comprising CheNag, Prachitaker, Abhinaya, Bushan, Rayala Harischandra, Meer, Krishna Teja, and several other talented individuals. Produced under the banner of Fragrance Manifestation by J.Sudhaka, Shiva B, Rajeev Kumar B, Srinivas Lavuri, Rajender Kanukuntla, and Sridhar Akkineni (USA), the film promises a novel narrative exploring olfactory obsession, set to captivate audiences upon its release on November 24th. With technical brilliance from P.G. Vinda for cinematography, Ram K Mahesh as D.O.P, Ajay Arasada's music, and the artistic vision of J.D Swamy for direction and screenplay, this cinematic endeavor is poised to offer a unique and enthralling experience. "Perfume" brings forth an intriguing storyline, marking a distinctive narrative trajectory in Indian cinema. The movie's ensemble cast, coupled with the directorial finesse of J.D Swamy and the melodious compositions by Ajay Arasada, promises an immersive and gripping cinematic journey. As it unravels the concept of olfactory obsession, the film sets the stage for an innovative and engaging experience, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in this unique narrative when it hits the screens on November 24th.

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