Tharun Bhascker's Keeda Cola Movie Review

Tharun Bhascker's new movie "Keeda Cola" was released today with high expectations and received very positive feedback from the premiere shows. Tharun Bhascker is a well-known and talented film director who has delivered successful and innovative films like "Pelli Choopulu" and "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi." These movies have remained evergreen classics in the Tollywood industry. After working as an actor and writer in multiple films, "Keeda Cola" marks his third directorial venture in feature films. Now, let's take a closer look at this film through the lens of Wowrey's perspective.

Cast & Crew: 

Cast - Tharun Bhasckar, Jeevan, Brahmanandam, Vishnu Oi, Rag Mayur, Raghu Ram and Others 
Writers : Pranay Koppala, Ramya Kakumanu, Shanthan Raj 
Written & Directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam 
Producers : K. Vivek Sudhanshu, Saikrishna Gadwal, Srinivas Kaushik Nanduri, Sripad Nandiraj & Upendra Varma 
Music : Vivek Sagar 
Cinematography : AJ Aaron 
Editor : Upendra Varma
Banner: VG Sainma


The plot of the movie centers on three groups: one caught up in a legal case involving a corrupted doll, another aiming to become a corporator, and the last, a corporate CEO trying to clear his name after allegations of a cockroach being found in his soft drink. All three become intertwined through the common element of "Keeda Cola." The film explores how they strive to achieve their goals and navigate the numerous encounters with each other. The rest of the story unfolds in a pop culture style, filled with plenty of entertainment, humor, and unexpected turns.

Whats Good in this film?

This movie is another bold and innovative experiment, bringing a breath of fresh air to Tollywood. It primarily falls into the crime comedy genre with a pop culture flair that's evident in the way the director skillfully blends music and the film's unique color palette. While the storyline may seem light, the director keeps the audience thoroughly engaged, ensuring not a single dull moment.

The ensemble cast delivers outstanding performances, with each character possessing their own quirks and distinct mannerisms. The director takes his time introducing these characters to the audience before launching into a hilariously entertaining narrative. Each character is quirky and ventures into uncharted territory. The film even featured a doll as a unique character, effectively replacing the female lead. This was indeed an experimental and innovative choice.

A special mention must go to the film's writers, as the dialogues are not only funny but also unforgettable. Tharun Bhasckar manages to infuse humor into every character, turning it into a laugh-out-loud joyride.

Tharun Bhasckar may be the captain of the ship, but Vivek Sagar is undoubtedly the assistant captain responsible for the film's musical magic. His music enhances each scene and character, offering a refreshing, new-age background score with a blend of rock and peppy styles that transport you to a different world.

Lastly, a commendable mention goes to AJ Aaron's cinematography. There are a few shots in the film that elevate the mood of the story and the emotions of the characters. The hard work of the cinematography department is evident in every frame of the film.

What i didnt liked in this film?

The foremost issue I had with this film is its thin and fragile storyline. Despite Tharun Bhaskar mentioning in an interview that his last two films were character-driven and he was returning with a more substantial plot, I couldn't quite identify a cohesive narrative here. Instead, it felt like a minor incident stretched into a screenplay featuring a multitude of amusing characters.

The second major drawback in the film is Brahmanandam garu's role. Given his extensive repertoire of diverse roles, I expected to see a unique and distinctive character from him in this film. Regrettably, that wasn't the case. While he performed admirably in his limited screen time, it was disappointing that his role was rather brief.

Some of the scenes that take place on a bridge suffer from subpar graphics. The water bullet shots and various objects appear artificial and resemble animation. I'm not certain if this was intentional, but it significantly detracted from the scene's impact.

The climax of the film also falls short in terms of credibility. While the director introduced interesting and humorous elements, it lacks logical consistency and feels like a typical Tollywood film towards the end.

This film is specifically targeted at a young audience and may not be suitable to watch with parents or grandparents. Not because of explicit content or foul language, but because the film's unique flavor and style might be challenging for older generations to connect with. As a result, the film might not appeal to family audiences.


In conclusion, "Keeda Cola" adds another accolade to Tharun Bhascker's portfolio. He continues to challenge the traditional format of Telugu films with his innovative concepts, and this film largely succeeds, despite the shortcomings we discussed earlier. If you're thinking of watching the movie with friends or your partner and you're a fan of experimental cinema, it's a must-see in theaters. Tharun Bhascker himself has described it as his best work to date, but personally, I still rank "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi" as his top achievement, and "Keeda Cola" is his least impressive work so far.

Rating: 3/5

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