Dugu Dugu Lyrical Video from Bharathanatyam

Aditya Music brings forth a dynamic and invigorating track, 'Dugu Dugu,' from the movie 'Bharathanatyam.' Featuring Surya Teja Aelay and Minakshi Goswami, this vibrant dance number promises an infectious rhythm that will set the stage on fire. Crafted by the skillful Vivek Sagar, the song is elevated by the spirited vocals of Mangli, creating an irresistible party anthem destined to compel everyone to move to its beats. With its pulsating energy and vibrant composition, 'Dugu Dugu' emerges as the quintessential dance floor sensation. Surya Teja Aelay and Minakshi Goswami's dynamic presence on screen, coupled with Vivek Sagar's musical brilliance and Mangli's electrifying vocals, harmonize seamlessly to create an auditory delight. This high-octane track from 'Bharathanatyam' is bound to infuse any gathering with an adrenaline rush, ensuring that the urge to dance becomes irresistible the moment the music begins to play.

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